Sermon Equipment Upgrades

The sound quality of the sermon needs better equipment to improve its clarity. That being all participants who are speaking should be wearing wired headsets. USB wired headsets have provide vastly better sound quality than bluetooth wireless headsets, and also have mute buttons right on the cable. They give better voice pickup and better background noise rejection.

  • Paul
  • Kevin
  • ???

Headsets can look unattractive. A more attractive headset might look like: _____________ Ordering lead time might be signifigant. Apparently there was some UUA money for an equipment upgrade.

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  • The sermon sound quality seemed OK to me, last Sunday.

    If you buy a wired headset, suggest you see if there is a Sennheiser brand headset with USB connection. I recently bought a Sennhiser microphone headset with the sort of mini plug that works with cellphones and tablets. Superior sound quality and reasonable cost.

    Probably would have to find it online, doubtful they would have it at a local store. I'd check B&H first to see if they have it.


  • I'm not interested in buying more equipment on speculation. Exactly what equipment is doing the recording. I thought that Rory might have some feedback from Paul about his equipment. I can propose something later, but I'd like more details.

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