BUF IT Committee meeting 2020-04-14

I presume we are doing a remote meeting on the 14th. Since, hopefully, we are all equiped to do remote meetings (with headsets etc), we can use Nextcloud for a meeting. However, so that we don't waste committee meeting time with determining any nextcloud failures, I'll organize a test meeting. Not prepared? Lack a nextcloud account? Chime in below!


  • Are all of us on this forum? You might want to send an email to direct them here.

  • Jed, set a time to do a test meeting. The sooner the better.

  • Are you talking about mumble on nextcloud for the meeting?

  • I always like how Mark is always spot on. In the meantime, a time would be nice, please. Another thought, what about zoooommmm?

  • I'm going to be available for a chat at 8:30pm.

    I received no email notifications from this thread, so I will review my email settings again.

  • Also, I did log into forum this morning, and saw *no* notifications. I'm surprised to see a pile of them from yesterday in the evening today. Could there be time-zone setting problems with this forum?

  • I'm going to suggest next meeting attempt at 9:30am Wed on next.buf.org.

  • Give me a few minutes.

  • Oh good, I saw an email from that.

  • What did you decide to do?

  • Mike and I are still on chat if you'd like to try and join again, but we decided these things:

    • Better to use Zoom
    • Contact Kathy to schedule the meeting, presumably
    • Would be good to encourage participants to use USB headsets
    • Headsets give better audio pickup, better background noise rejection, and are easier to mute quickly
  • Nextcloud chat is clearly finicky, but doing video and screen sharing works fine between two people. It would be interesting to learn what other Nextcloud users resort to for 4+ user groups

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